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Billet Cracking Of Zircon Brick

The basic reason for billet cracking during drying process of zircon brick is as below,
1. There is no full understanding of the characteristics of the three stages which are equilibrium temperature, low temperature and high temperature during the drying process, and the requirements of drying technology.
2. Hot air supply is short and Body can not be fully dry
3. The drying temperature curve is not reasonable which could not meet the requirements of the temperature curve of the billet during the drying process.
4. Wet control is not good, and the temperature of each section is not reasonable in the drying kiln which is failed to meet the requirements of the temperature of the body drying temperature.
5. Hot air and wet air is not uniform which cause temperature difference in dry kiln and thermal shocks in some place, so the thermal stress caused by this way can cause the body to break and cause the billet crack.

zircon brick

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