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Factors Affecting The Selection Of The Process Flow Of Zircon Brick

Factors affecting the selection of the process flow of zircon brick

1. Hardness and grain size of raw materials
Hardness and grain size of raw materials of zircon brick are the main factors that affect the process flow. If hardness of some materials is hard and the structure is compact, so crushing should be strengthened to control the grain size. If the size of some materials is big, and once broken up can not meet the requirements of process, then multi-level fragmentation need to be adopted. If there are some impurities and stones in the raw material of zircon brick, stone and purification equipment need to take into consideration to get rid of them.
2. Plasticity and moisture of raw materials
If the plasticity of raw material of zircon brick is too low to reach the requirement of process, the method of weathering is used to improve its plasticity or strengthen the crushing, mud, boring and wet to increase the plasticity of raw materials. If the plasticity of raw material of zircon brick is too high, the incorporation of lean material is required to reduce its plasticity,in order to be able to mix evenly, the mixing of raw materials is very important at the moment. Meanwhile,moisture of raw materials will also affect the selection of process flow, When the raw natural moisture content is too low, we must consider to add many times of water and mixing, so that the mixture is uniform. On the other hand, the water is too high, some dry can be mixed with to reduce its moisture or adopt dewatering equipment for dewatering treatment.

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