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Requirements for mullite bricks

Mullite brick is a high alumina refractory material with mullite as the main crystalline phase, and the content of alumina is generally between 65% and 75%. Mullite bricks have excellent properties of high refractoriness which can be above 1790℃, good thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and high permeability. The excellent properties lead to the high requirements to the bricks.

mullite bricks
1. The binder of mullite bricks: The contact points between mullite bricks are contacted by binder, so the firm level of binders is a very important factor to give full play to excellent properties of mullite bricks and final product performance.
2. The capacity of mullite bricks: The bulk density of insulation materials should be less than 600kg/m, generally speaking, bulk density of the material is small, and the general thermal conductivity is small, while the mechanical strength is also reduced, so it is important to choose materials.
3. The mechanical strength of mullite bricks: In order to make the insulation material not deformed and not damaged in their own weight and the role of external force, its compressive strength should be no less than 3kg/kg
4. Water absorption rate of mullite bricks: Thermal insulation material not only can greatly reduce the insulation performance, but will accelerate the corrosion of metals, therefore, we should choose the insulation material with small water absorption.
5. The heat resistance and temperature of mullite bricks: Heat insulation material is chosen according to the temperature of the place where it is used. The highest using temperature is the basis for the heat resistance of the heat insulation material.