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Broken Reasons Of Zircon Refractory

Zircon brick play an important role in furnace. Zircon brick is mainly used in the superstructure of flame space and tank bottom of glass furnace. However, when using a period, it will be damaged. Below is the main reasons analyzed by Sunrise specialist.
1. Greatly changes in Furnace temperature. There are many large fluctuations in the temperature of the furnace which makes the zircon brick cracking. This is because the temperature suddenly changes and produces a lot of internal stress, so that the refractory brick peels, and even dumping.
2. Slag erosion. The slag intrudes into the surface of refractory brick, belonging to the physical reaction; Metal liquid or corrosive gas containing dust reacts with the surface material of refractory brick, belonging to the chemical effect. Both these two kinds of erosions will cause damage of zircon brick.
3. Accumulation and sedimentation of gas. There is corrosive gas produced during the use of furnace, and the gas accumulates and deposits. So the damage of zircon brick will be caused.
4. High temperature melting. Under the high temperature and heat load, the refractory brick is softened, melting, and forming the molten drop, which results in the unstability and collapse of the masonry and the refractory brick.
5. Mechanical shock. The materials in the furnace are in motion and also have physical and chemical changes at the same time. So a large mechanical impact will be produced, and the destruction is very large.
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