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What are the unique advantages of Sillimanite Brick?

Sillimanite brick is refractory brick made of sillimanite minerals. Commonly using high temperature burning method and mud casting method to product.

Sillimanite brick has five big advantage of using:

1. The application of non-ferrous metal smelting industry

Use silicon carbid, high temperature resistance, big strength, good heat conduction performance, impact resistance, high-temperature indirect heating material, such as strong retort furnace.

Distillation furnace tray, aluminium electrolyzer, copper melting furnace lining, furnace zinc powder with arc plate, the thermocouple protection tube, etc.

2. The application of iron and steel industry

The use of silicon carbide corrosion resistance. Thermal shock resistance to wear and tear. Good characteristics of thermal conductivity, for large blast furnace lining to improve the service life.

3. The application of metallurgical mineral processing industry

Silicon carbide hardness is second only to diamond, strong wear resistance, is wear-resisting pipe, the impeller, pump room, cyclone, ore bucket lined with ideal material, its wear resistance is  5

to 20 times than the service life of cast iron,rubber,  is one of the aviation flight track ideal material.

4. The application of building materials ceramic, grinding wheel industry

Using the coefficient of thermal conductivity.The characteristics of thermal radiation, high strength, manufacturing sheet kiln furniture, not only can reduce the capacity of kiln furniture, also

improves loading capacity of the kiln and the product quality, shorten the production cycle, is the ideal indirect materials of ceramic glaze baking sintering.

5. The application of energy saving

With good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, heat exchanger, burnup decreased by 20%, saving fuel by 35%, to improve productivity by 20-30%.