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Zircon brick use

zircon  is used for refractory materials (such as zirconium refractory, such as zirconium corundum brick, zirconium refractory fiber), casting industry with sand (precision casting sand), precision enamel equipment, in addition to glass, metal (sponge Zirconium) and zirconium compounds (zirconium dioxide, zirconium oxychloride, sodium zirconate, potassium fluorozirconate, zirconium sulfate, etc.). Suitable for the elimination of mold, film sand, water glass sand, resin sand, precision casting and copper, aluminum pieces of polishing clean.
Can be made of glass kiln zircon brick, Sheng Gangzhuang with zircon tiles, ramming materials and castables; added to other materials can improve its performance, such as the synthesis of cordierite to add zircon sand, can broaden the cordierite Sintering range, without affecting its thermal shock stability; in the high alumina brick to add zircon sand, the manufacture of anti-peeling high alumina brick, thermal shock stability greatly improved; can also be used to extract ZrO2.


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