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Fused brick melting technology requirements

Fused brick melting technology requirements:
(1) using long arc melting process, the secondary voltage control between 320-380 volts. Melting early use of high-voltage melting, the secondary voltage of 380 volts, refining the secondary voltage control at 320 volts, arc length must reach 50-60 mm.
(2) current selection: the initial melting, the current should be controlled at 3500-4000A, and pay attention to three-phase electrode current changes, try to maintain balance, the process of refining the current can be increased, the use of high current refining, current control at 4500 Ann.
(3) Melting time: melting time per furnace about 150 minutes, which melting 120 minutes, refining about 30 minutes.
(4) Oxygen blowing: the use of step-by-step oxygen, oxygen blowing twice, oxygen pressure 1.4-1.6 MPa, oxygen when the oxygen lance should be inserted into the material depth of 1/2, and slowly shaking, then The oxidation of the full.
(5) casting temperature 1850-1950 ℃, winter must be above 1950 ℃.

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