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Sunrise Refractory, Your Best Supplier of Zircon Mullite Brick

As we know, Zircon Mullite Bricks for glass furnace is a white solid formed by pure alumina powder and zircon sand containing zirconia 65% and about 34% silica in the electric furnace and then injected into the mold to be cooled. The AZS bricks structure consists of an eutectoid and a glass phase of corundum and zirconium, AZS fused cast bricks are phased as eutectoids of the corundum phase and the zircon oblique phase, the glass phase is filled between their crystals.

Zircon Mullite Bricks, usually are used in the superstructure of glass melting tanks. Besides, Zircon Mullite Bricks possess even higher strength and corrosion resistance.

Sunrise refractory distributes Mullite Bricks, Corundum Mullite Bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks, and insulating firebrick with Mullite of the best quality at the most competitive prices worldwide.

Why choice sunrise refractory as your zircon mulite bricks supplier? Let me tell you the advantages of sunrise refractory!

Zhengzhou sunrise refractory co., ltd. have any certificate whatever you need, such as ISO9001, CE, ISO and other certificate. And sunrise refractory factory can satisfied all customer’s reasonable requirement.
Sunrise refractory company adhering to the “integrity ,innovation,hard work”business philosophy,the “people-oriented”as the cornerstone of enterprise development to pursuit of excellence as the core values of the enterprise,will create “sunrise refractory Brand”as a corporate strategic objectives.Product  types rich scientific management processes,improve customer information management system,timely,efficient,to proved satisfactory service to our customers.

Because we have our own factory, we can promise the high quality of zircon mullite bricks, we also can provide competitive prices and excellent service. Sunrise refractory consult with many professional engineers to deal with your problems, you will have no worried if choose sunrise refractory as your supplier, we will become your loyal partner and solve all of your problems.

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