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Zirconium corundum mullite castable

Zirconium corundum mullite castables are generally cast at the site of use by casting, vibration or tamping, and can also be used as prefabricated parts.

The zirconium corundum mullite castable is a high-grade unshaped refractory material prepared by adding fused corundum and mullite as main raw materials and adding a binder. Mainly used in carbon black reaction furnace, coal water slurry gasifier lining, the use temperature is generally above 1700 degrees. It is used in the kiln of the glass industry and has strong resistance to glass erosion.

The zirconium corundum mullite castable has high fluidity, is suitable for casting, and can be used to harden the amorphous refractory material without heating. It consists of refractory aggregates, powders, binders, admixtures, water or other liquid materials. It is usually cast at the site of use by pouring, vibrating or tamping, or it can be made into prefabricated parts.
1. Before pouring the castables, it is necessary to check whether the nails are welded firmly. The parts above 500 °C should be heat-resistant.
2. The surface of the nail should be coated with paint or plastic tape to buffer the expansion stress after heating.
3. The castable should be stored in the covered warehouse to avoid moisture, and the storage period should not exceed 4 months.
4, can be used in the ambient temperature of -5 ° C ~ 30 ° C. Mandatory mixer or mortar mixer must be used in the mixture, and manual mixing is not allowed.