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Why choice sunrise Zirconium mullite insulation brick?

With the increasing demand for energy conservation, the development of lightweight insulation materials is developing rapidly. Zirconium mullite brick is one of the ideal insulation refractories at home and abroad, and the best quality zircon mullite insulation brick from China comes from Zhengzhou sunrise refractory, sunrise refractory zirconium mullite insulation brick. It has the characteristics of good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, high dimensional accuracy, uniform structure, beautiful appearance and low thermal conductivity.
Sunrise refractory zirconium mullite insulation bricks are widely used in hot blast stoves, glass crucibles, metal furnaces, ceramic tunnel kiln, roller kiln, electric porcelain shuttle kiln, etc., with broad market prospects. The zirconium mullite insulation brick produced by Tianyang refractory material is light mullite brick developed by the composite additive burning method. The material is fine, the temperature is high, and the flame can be directly contacted. The energy saving effect is remarkable. The performance and quality have basically reached the international advanced level of similar products.
Zhengzhou sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development and production of the highest quality zircon mullite insulation bricks and other refractory bricks. Our company's refractory bricks are exported to Europe and the world, and have won numerous praises. If you are hesitant to choose what zircon mullite insulation bricks or other refractory bricks, please contact us, sunrise refractory will solve all doubts and guarantee you the best quality zircon mullite. Insulation bricks.

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