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High Quality Fused Cast High Zirconia Block Wholesale

Fused cast high zirconia block is a new type of fused cast refractory. It is specially designed refractory for glass furnace application. It features excellent corrosion resistance to molten glass due to its dense microstructure.
Fused cast high zirconia block is designed to operate in extreme condition and also require control of the making process. Elaborated by a fused cast process followed by a controlled cooling step, these materials exhibit specific thermal and mechanical properties.
Fused cast high zirconia bricks are made of artificial synthesis high purity raw materials through special casting process. The crystalline texture consists of baddeleyite and with the characteristics of excellent high temperature & corrosion resistance, low blister and stoning potential. These advantages can prevent liquid glass from pollution effectively.
Fused cast refractory materials are widely used in glass furnaces to resist corrosion by the molten glass. Such a quality is especially due to the low apparent porosity of these materials. First generations of these products is fused cast AZS, which is widely applied to soda-lime furnaces. Then fused cast high zirconia block containing 90% or more of ZrO2 was developed to answer to special needs for the manufacturing of special technical glasses (LCD screens, lead crystal) and very corrosive glasses (boron-silicate glasses).

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