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What are the advantages of lightweight mullite bricks in the kiln?

Sunrise Refractory Co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of refractory products in China's refractory base. Our company is China's largest refractories manufacturers.
Sunrise refractory lightweight mullite bricks are widely used in various kiln furnaces. In the years of practice, lightweight mullite bricks have won the favor of many kiln manufacturers because of their irreplaceable advantages. Received unanimous praise and recognition. Therefore, we analyze the characteristics of light mullite bricks in the kiln; mullite brick products have low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance and high temperature strength. It is not softened under long-term use at high temperature, is not attacked by any acid or alkali, has good salt resistance, is not wetted by metal and slag, and is light in weight. It is a high-quality high-temperature resistant material.
Mullite brick products are widely used in high-temperature furnace lining (bottom, hearth, lower part of the furnace, etc.), lining the lining of non-ferrous metal furnaces. Mullite brick products can be used as reaction tanks and petrochemical autoclave linings. It can also be used to make bismuth copper with gold and light alloys. The light insulation brick for kiln is made of high-purity mullite clinker. The low-heat-conducting bricks are directly sintered and synthesized according to different grades of alumina. The temperature is from 1200 °C to 1550 °C.
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