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Alkaline products in refractory materials

MgO and CaO are the main crystal phases, and since MgO and CaO are alkaline earth oxides, they are called alkaline refractories. Alkaline refractory products have high melting point (refractory degree), strong resistance to alkaline slag (C/S>2) and iron slag, and are high-grade refractories, but they are easy to hydrate. Magnesia-chrome bricks, dolomite bricks, olivine bricks and other products, the main chemical components are also MgO and CaO, also belong to alkaline materials.
Alkaline refractories are mainly used in open hearth furnaces, oxygen blowing converters, electric furnaces, non-ferrous metal smelting and some high temperature thermal equipment. Magnesia brick is a representative of alkaline refractory material, which contains 80%-85% of magnesia, and is made of periclase. The main raw materials for the production of magnesia bricks by sunrise refractory materials are magnesite and seawater magnesia (calcium hydroxide extracted from seawater is calcined at high temperature). The melting point of pure magnesium oxide is as high as 2800 ° C. Therefore, the refractoriness of magnesia bricks is higher than that of clay bricks and silica bricks.
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