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Zhengzhou sunrise zirconium mullite brick with high quality

By introducing ZrO2 into the A12O3-SiO2 brick to improve the structure of mullite, the chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and expansion coefficient of mullite can be improved. This ZrO2-containing mullite brick is commonly known as zirconium. Mullite bricks are generally produced by electrofusion and are also produced by sintering. Sintered zirconium mullite brick is a special refractory material made by introducing zirconia into mullite matrix by using industrial alumina and zircon concentrate as raw materials. The introduction of zirconia into mullite bricks and the use of zirconia phase transformation toughening can greatly improve the high temperature mechanical properties of mullite materials. Zirconium oxide promotes the sintering of mullite materials. The addition of ZrO2 accelerates the densification and sintering process of ZTM materials due to the formation of low melting materials and the formation of vacancies. When the mass fraction of ZrO2 is 30%, the relative theoretical density of the body fired at 1530 ° C reaches 98%, the strength reaches 378 MPa, and the toughness reaches 4.3 MPa·m 1/2.
Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. has advanced analytical instruments and inspection equipment such as Shimadzu Sequential Scanning X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer XRF-1800, Ultrasonic Internal Structure Detector, etc., which are used for raw materials for production, molten liquid in electric furnace and final products. Testing to ensure that the product manufacturing process is under quality control.
At present, sunrise's products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Asia and Europe. No matter where you are from, sunrise will provide you with quality products and sincere service in a long-term and stable manner, focusing on casting the heart for glass enterprises.