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Do You Know That Fly ash can Make Refractory Bricks?

The use of fly ash can produce a lightweight refractory material with good quality - lightweight refractory insulation brick. The raw materials can be mixed with fly ash, burnt stone, hard soil, soft soil and wood chips, and can also be mixed with fly ash, purple wood, mountain soil and wood chips. First, the various raw materials are separately pulverized, sieved according to the particle size requirements, and separately stored. The fly ash is required to remove impurities, and it is preferred to use the hollow beads after sorting.
The production process of fly ash lightweight refractory insulation brick is as follows: after mixing several raw materials, dry and evenly mix, then send it into a single-shaft mixer and add warm water above 60 °C to start coarse mixing, then send it to the mixer for pinching. Refining, when it has a certain plasticity, it is sent to a twin-shaft mixer for full kneading, and finally the preform is formed.
The kneaded mud material is mixed and sent to the drawing machine from the feeding port, and the pulled mud strip is obtained by dividing the blank to obtain the mud blank. The mud blank is dried in the drying kiln for 18~24h, and the blank moisture is reduced to below 8%. At this time, the truck can be unloaded, palletized, and burned. The dried semi-finished product is fired in a downdraft kiln or a tunnel kiln. The firing temperature in the downdraft kiln is 1200 ° C, and the total firing time is 44 h, wherein the constant temperature time is 4 h. After the flameout, the temperature is gradually cooled to The kiln can be discharged below 60 °C. The chemical and physical properties of fly ash lightweight refractory insulation bricks are shown in Table 2.
Fly ash lightweight refractory insulation brick is characterized by high insulation efficiency, high refractoriness, small thermal conductivity, can reduce furnace wall thickness, shorten firing time, reduce fuel consumption, improve thermal efficiency, and low cost. In the power, steel, machinery, military, chemical, petroleum, shipping and other industries.
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