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What issues should I pay attention to when buying mullite bricks?

If you buy mullite bricks, you still have to pay attention to some problems before you can finish them better. Some people do not pay attention to the corresponding situation in the process of purchasing. This has caused a lot of impact on us. Now let us know more about it. What are the issues that need attention in the whole process of selection? Sunrise Refractory Company summarized the following precautions for everyone.
In some special industries, mullite bricks play a very important role, and there are three methods for producing mullite bricks at home and abroad: foam method, gasification method, and additive burnout method. The so-called foam method is to mix the foaming agent and the stabilizer and water in a certain ratio, first to make a foaming liquid, and then mix with the slurry through the processes of firing, shaping, curing, drying, baking and firing to form a high porosity. The rate of light mullite turns. Although it can produce high quality products, it has many process procedures, complicated production process, long production cycle, low production efficiency and high production cost.
The quality problem is very important. We choose mullite bricks, pay attention to quality carefully, and then we can choose better, this has more protection for the whole thing. Everyone must make these considerations in the process of selection, and truly ensure the quality can be used in the future.
In addition to quality, when buying mullite bricks, you should also pay attention to the total number. There is also a difference in the amount of demand in each place. Seriously doing the relevant calculations and then taking into account various things, such choices will have more protection. Everyone in the process of doing things can really do better considerations before they can complete the corresponding things.
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