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Key Point To Prolong The Service Life Of Glass Furnace

Service life is an important considered factor of glass furnace, in order to prolong the service life, we should be strictly accordance with the electric furnace process and thermal system for production operations, avoid large fluctuations, avoid multiple electricity-off and water-off. Besides, the following reasons will as well as affect the service life of glass furnace:
1. Furnace structure, by designing appropriate structures of furnace, ensures the refractory of every part, especially the corrosion resistance of the lining brick which is an important factor to guarantee the service life of glass furnace.
2. Refractory type, from the life of the furnace, the priority choose is using high-grade refractory materials; from design cost, the first choice of appropriate material is based on the design service life, especially different type of refractory is suitable for different part of furnace, for instance, bottom of furnace generally adopts fused cast azs block 33#, however, throat and electrode brick need to use fused cast azs block 41#, and the upper structure usually adopts zircon brick.
3. Electrode arrangement, the top insert electrode can improve the service life of the furnace due to the absence of the electrodes, but it is easy to form a hot top, and the electrode is easy to break down. The bottom insert electrode is less erosion, but the requirements of design and equipment are relatively high. Flat plug electrode brick has great erosion, if there is no special means, the erosion of the furnace is larger, so higher requirements are needed to the operation and using.
4. Maintenance, it is a effective way to deal with the redness of the furnace body and brick seam leakage in time. In general, service life is referred to overhaul period with cold furnace, during this period, a small range of thermal repair can be operated, such as filling commonly used bricks, tiling, forced cooling.
5. Correctly using electrode water jacket. As to bottom insert electrode, serious leakage of the water jacket will shutdown the furnace. So it is important to inspect and maintains the water jacket and softened water regularly. Another way to prolong service life of furnace is that displace and change the water jacket and electode after using a period of time.

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